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Nutrional Seminar"When your body works harmoniously with the right nutrition, you experience vitality, clear thinking, and good humor, with feelings of well being."

- JW & Lois Emerson

For anyone interested in the Power of the Sunrider Foods this DVD is a must! To purchase, please contact JW or Lois Emerson at

Customer Care BookFor any Sunrider leader interested in building and keeping a loyal customer base, this is a must have book.

In The Customer Care Book, long time SR Sharon Samuelsen guides us through the basic "how to's" of communicating, following up, handling objections, record keeping, keeping in touch, introducing SR products, Frequently Asked Questions and much, much more. For FNW members Sharon has discounted the cost of this great resource. Get yours today for $25 per copy delivered in the US by emailing Sharon directly at

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