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Beauty & Skin Care Tips

 Skin Care and Squalane
 Lip Sticks and Lead
 Tips on How to Get the Kandesn® Sale
 Oi-lin™ Face Chart
 Beauty Tips Book
 Kandesn™ & Oi-lin™ Product Overview
 Sunrider™ Natural Preservatives
 Why does Sunrider™ use Parabens

Sunrider™ At The Movies:

 Norma Hill Patton - Kandesn and "New       Moon"
 Sharon Stone's Beauty Secrets

Why Kandesn™?

 2013 Kandesn™ Presentation / Skin Care and Color Cosmetics

 Kandesn™ Opportunity Presentation - Including Effleurage and Tapotement technique descriptions

 Kandesn™ Skin Care Presentation and Recommendations

 Kandesn™ Skin Care Color Cosmetics and Color Matching Recommendations

Kandesn™ Training Videos

 Kandsen®, The Superior Skin Care Choice – Julie McLewee
 pHace the Facts, the Truth About pH Balance – Julie McLewee
 Kandesn® Home Parties: Low-Tech, High-Touch Success for Building your SR Business – Julie McLewee
 Kandesn® Skin Care: Mature Skin-Care – Julie McLewee
 Kandesn® Skin Care: Complexion Correction – Reveal Radiance for Glowing Skin – Julie McLewee
 Kandesn® Skin Care: Worlds Best Ingredients & Optimal Nutrient Delivery! – Julie McLewee
 Pump up the volume with the new Dr. Chen® Hair Serum.
 Pep up your skin for Fall with Kandesn®: Dr. Chen® Youth Emulsion, Dr. Chen® Youth Masque, Dr. Chen® Refining and Lifting Cream and Oi-Lin® Eye Cream
 "Back to School Skin Care with Sunrider® – Watch as we show you how to Clean and Hydrate your skin / Balance and Reduce Acne with Sunriders 4-Step Process: Kandesn® Cleansing Cream, Gentle Cleanser, Astringent and Deep Moisturizing Lotion" with Kandesn Marketing Manager Julie McLewee
 Sunrider® Innovations for Youthful Healthy Skin – Julie McLewee
 "Natural Summer Beauty with Kandesn® featuring application techniques and information on: Oi-Lin® Deep Moisturizing Lotion SunScreen SPF 25 Tinted, Kandesn® Mini Compact Set #5 & Kandesn® Lip Gloss Palette" with Kandesn Marketing Manager Julie McLewee
 "Sunrider's Amazing Sunscreen Products" with Kandesn Marketing Manager Julie McLewee
 "Mens Skin Care Made Simple" with Kandesn Marketing Manager Julie McLewee
 Julie McLewee and the two new 2013 Lip Color Palettes.
 The Oi-lin® Skin Care Set introduces you to youthful, radiant skin in four easy steps.
 Kandesn® Creamy Powder can be your skins rescue using one of four best kept secrets.
 Oi-Lin® Night Emulsion.
 Oi-Lin® Lip Replenish Gel.
 Oi-Lin® Deep Moisture Lotion Tinted Sunscreen SPF 25 - Sheer Perfection.
 Oi-Lin® Skin Care Tips—Stay Radiant in Winter with Sunrider.
 Oi-Lin® Celebrate Your Biggest Day with Kandesn.
 Oi-Lin® Shampoo, Oi-Lin® Conditioner, and Kandesn® Hair Conditioning & Repair Spray - Hairstyling Tips for a Wedding Day Look.